Our Story

The artistic connection between the Houston act was instantaneous, and it wasn’t long after meeting that they found themselves in the studio together, recording rhymes with a laid-back (and 90’s throwback) feel. Both J.Gray and 3Bubble bring years of musical experience. 3Bubble & J. Gray aren't just a promising duo—they're flat out good. Their strongest moments will take you back in time—not only to when Outkast ruled the waves, but to tracks by Puff Daddy, Biggie Smalls, and 2Pac—when MTV was indistinguishable from BET, when 90’s rap was king. They also hit on something fresh, that comes of more as a reboot than a replay of 90’s rap, like what Kanye attempted to do with Kirk Franklin and other collaborators on Life of Pablo. If their talent can make it into Kanye’s hands, it might not be long before he’s collaborating with 3Bubble & J.Gray too.