Rappers 3Bubble & J.Gray Are the New Outkast”

Rebecca Bohanan, Huffington Post

3Bubble & J. Gray

Labeled as the “New Outkast” by multiple publications, including the Huffington Post, 3Bubble & J. Gray are transforming a 90’s vibe into a fresh modern musical experience.  The Houston duo has been bringing their energetic performance style to audiences since 2014. Empathy evoking melodies delivered by J. Gray combined with powerfully honest wordplay by 3Bubble, gives their sound an ever-evolving tone which translates to a wide variety of listeners. 

Their new album, LFTP Season, Vol. 1 Reloaded is a fusion concept of different vibes. Each song was created separately with a unified theme which reflects their life, in a feel good yet truthful way. The album includes the planned writing and performing of a classic album, the sporadic free-styled brainstorming of creative studio sessions and “on the spot” mixtape components to bring every song to life.

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Huffington Post 

The artistic connection between the Houson act was instantaneous, and it wasn’t long after meeting that they found themselves in the studio together, recording rhymes with a laidback (and 90’s throwback) feel, like the Outkast-esque funk anthem “No Lie..." read more


Houston duo, 3Bubble and J. Grey have put together a classic hip-hop record of smart rhymes and primo beats to give you a break from the endless derivative trap beats and lazy verses. read more

Pop Dose  

Most people are surprised to learn I like hip-hop. Let me clarify — I like certain kinds of hip-hop that appeal to my pop sensibilities. Growing up with artists like the Black Eyed Peas and Outkast was the perfect time for me to indulge and get to know this diverse sector of music. Perhaps that’s what makes 3Bubble and J.Gray so appealing — that melding of dyed-in-the-wool hip-hop with a melodic edge certain to attract listeners of every ilk. read more

Vents Magazine   

Bringing it from Houston, TX, 3Bubble and J.Gray are aiming for the exposed heart of the hip-hop industry. With their incredible new release titled Live From The Pentagon, both 3Bubble and J.Gray pull no punches while they successfully showcase their lyrical skills. From the moment you press play on this hot album you know this is going to be an entertaining ride to say the least. read more

The Urban Twist

Netflix’s latest documentary, The Art of Organized Noize put the spotlight back on Southern hip-hop — especially Outkast and Goodie Mob. But, 3Bubble & J.Gray are showing that the sound never left hip-hop. read more

Middle Tennessee Music

Funky like Outkast, G’d up like Warren G & Nate Dogg, in the club like Pitbull and making it pop like the Black Eyed Peas; 3Bubble & J. Gray have brewed a mix of influences into an upbeat, energetic and in-your-face concoction potent enough to have you coming back for more. read more

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