Live From The Pentagon
  • Live From The Pentagon
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“Live From The Pentagon” is engaging, intellectual poetry that caters to true Hip Hop heads. Folks that have been put off of Hip Hop as of late may consider putting their support behind acts such as this. 3Bubble & J.Gray offer more than just thought-provoking words over solid beats that define the genre. They bring aggressive storytelling that’s complimented by a rich production which seems to coexist on its own.

It’s an exciting effort that gives hope to the next generation of rap stars, as these guys are reminding fans that it’s okay to exist outside what is expected of modern humans, and explore what exists beyond life’s typical #TurnUp sessions.

3Bubble & J. Gray’s “Live From the Pentagon” nicely ties together elements of funk, jazz, hip hop and pop into a satisfying whole. Reminiscent of Outkast’s style the songs are colorful vibrant pieces feeling fully alive. Pop culture references flow out of the duo, showing off their impressive delivery. Intelligent, thoughtful lyrics are the true highlight of the album as they bounce off of each other, reflecting upon relationships and the culture these are viewed through. Carefully selected samples find themselves woven into the album’s DNA as their ear for melody and rhythm is impeccable.

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